It’s almost time to close up shop here at my day job. Lately, I’ve been feeling extremely tired at the end of the day, like my batteries have run down and I’m going in sloooowwww motion. It starts right after lunch (why have we never adopted the European lunch hour and nap?) with a overwhelming desire to sleep, right now. Then I get my second wind around 2pm but by 4 o’clock I’m winding down like a wind-up toy. Anyone out there have a cure? Maybe an afternoon protein snack? I’ve heard almonds are good for you and I have a bag of roasted almonds with sea salt at home. I’ll give it a try tomorrow and let you know if it helps.

Still mulling over the idea of whether to keep at this or let it go. To follow my progress, I’m at the point where I have to decide why I might want to continue this. I have an idea in mind that I’ll expand on in a follow-up post. And if I decide that I do want to continue, what exactly do I want this to look like? I read everywhere that blogs are dead, but I read blogs everyday. It’s true that some of them are posting less and less and some of my old favorites haven’t been updated since 2013. Still, the ones who keep at it inspire me and they seem to be both enjoying their blogs and making at least enough money to make it worth their time.

Next question then is do I delete all this beginning stop and start stuff and move forward with a clean slate or leave the totally amateurish results here to remind me of progress. Ha, that would require any new things posted to look as if they are progress. I know that I will continue to type out my thoughts here for a little while anyway. Post something no matter how ridiculous for about six months and see if I can see it shape itself into anything recognizable as me.

Right now I’m heading home. Pizza tonight and at least one more episode of The Killing. That show is driving me crazy! It sucks you in with a couple of good episodes and then just when you simply must find out “who done it” – it takes a weird turn in story line and for three episodes you keep asking yourself, “why am I watching this?” “If the next episode isn’t really great, I’m turning it off!” So far I haven’t – who knows maybe tonight.