Art journal page

One of my first art journal pages

This is one of my very first art journal pages. I’m not completely finished with it, but I thought I would go ahead and post it anyway. I’ve been wanting to start an art journal for a couple of years now but just kept putting it off. Finally, I just dived in and I’m loving it.

It’s been good for me to experiment and I’m surprised at how much I actually like some of the pages that I’m working on. After a couple of years of looking at magazine articles by the likes of Pam Carriker, Teesha Moore and Nancy Lefko I think part of my procrastination was knowing that my “art” wasn’t going to measure up to theirs. But, finally I just gave myself permission to be really crappy and not care!  And in the end it’s my journal – by me and for me – and it makes me happy.

Hopefully, I’ll be posting lots of pages in the future.



Overheard today at Barnes and Nobles. Two boys about 10 or 11. “What is To Kill a Mockingbird?’ . . . “It’s a book, written by Abraham Lincoln.”


Travel Photography

I’ve been trying to put together a picture album of our trip to the Caribbean three years ago. I’m so disappointed, it’s not the pictures that we took – some of those are great – it’s all the pictures that we didn’t take. We took hundreds of pictures; but looking at them now I am struck by how much we missed. I wonder if it’s possible to capture the feeling of a trip with a group of photographs or am I just expecting too much.

Anyway, we’re going back in April and I plan to become a great photographer in the mean time! Here’s one of the pics we did get ~

Sunset from our balcony


Ways to be creative

I love the idea of being creative – however I find the actual work involved to be somewhat daunting. Especially number 33! But I do carry a notebook everywhere.

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Long Weekend

The view from my lounge chair.

Had in-law company over the long weekend. Enjoyed the visit very much but really enjoyed having Monday off – here’s all the wonderful things that I managed to get accomplished.

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